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Harzer Str. 39
12059 Berlin

workish.berlin is a space for work and other stuff. [work-] We took over the space from betahaus in 2021, inheriting super nice furniture and all the equipment you need for serious work. We’ve since grown to 3 floors of coworking, private offices, event space, and 100+ members, right here in Neukölln. [-ish] This is where the creative, fun, collaborative, scrappy, weird, entrepreneurial stuff comes in. After work beers every Wednesday. Exhibitions. Parties. A yoga room. We’ve even got a FabLab in the basement that we share with our neighbors at 42 Berlin. And since -ish is hard to describe, that’s the stuff you’ll have to see for yourself.

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Events at workish

Wednesday, September 13

Wednesday, 06:00pm - 08:00pm

Weekend-ish Community Beers

Every week, we meet for beers and BBQ in the workish garden. Join us for the Coworking Festival edition!

Thursday, September 14

Thursday, 05:00pm - 08:00pm

Meet the Machines @ FabLab Neukölln

The FabLab Neukölln is a collaboration powered by 42berlin and workish.berlin. It’s a maker space, creative workshop, and hardware lab, right here in Neukölln.

The 150sqm FabLab is split into two. A dirt lab with woodworking and metal working equipment, perfect for making dust and loud noises. Across the hall, you’ll find a clean lab equipped with a 3D printer, laser cutter, and textile lab where your electronics or more delicate projects can come to life.

Stop by to meet the machines and the makers.

Update: Reduced activities due to illness.