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Co-Creation Loft

Co-Creation Loft Photo

Schinkestrasse 9
12047 Berlin

The cocreation.loft is a space for personal development, a room for exploring innovative ways of working and an incubator for system changers working to make a difference in society.
In a world that’s increasingly disconnected, the cocreation.loft is a place to not only work, but grow, be inspired, and belong.
The loft isn’t just somewhere you come to work and then go home. Each and every member is encouraged to bring their full selves into the space, to connect, collaborate and co-create.

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Events at Co-Creation Loft

Monday, September 11

Monday, 07:00pm - 08:30pm

Breathwork & Balance: Cultivating Skills in Self-Organized Workspaces

Dive into a transformative session led by breathwork coach, Daniel Micelli. Experience a gentle practice blending conscious connected breath, keen body awareness, and myofascial unwinding. Together, we'll anchor our internal resources, using breath as a guide to send ripples of ease throughout our nervous system, proving invaluable in daily life.

Following this rejuvenating breathwork session, explore the dynamics of the cocreation.loft. Understand how it thrives without classic management and is orchestrated by the coworkers, for the coworkers. Christine Oymann, a seasoned change manager and transformation coach, will shed light on the structures, attitudes, and commitments essential for such a conscious space.

With additional discussion on Meditation & Flow, by professional Meditation Teacher, Eddie Vero

Join us for an evening that bridges the power of breath with the intricacies of self-organized workspaces.