BEYDES - New Working Culture Photo

BEYDES - New Working Culture

BEYDES - New Working Culture Photo

Grußdorfstraße 3
13507 Berlin

After more than three years of home office, are you longing for a workplace outside your own four walls? Our Creator House BEYDES in the north of Berlin is just the thing: over 500 sqm of flex space, 500 sqm of private offices and conference and workshop rooms - with a cozy lounge for your lunch break and high-speed for your productivity. And on top of that, there's an event space for your networking events or presentations in front of a larger audience, a podcast studio with additional camera equipment, and an in-house yoga studio for breaks in between. We work with CoApp as a community platform for your digital networking. And if you are only in Berlin for the festival - we also offer a digital membership for everyone outside of Berlin!

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